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Jonathan Levy LCSW fights anxiety

Jonathan Levy LCSW can ensure anxiety doesn’t hijack your life. Jonathan Levy LCSW: Co-founder and Marketing director at Psychotherapy Associates Chicago.

There are many symptoms of anxiety – which can appear physically or emotionally, and disrupt your daily life. Jonathan Levy LCSW works with clients to find relief not just from anxiety symptoms, but their underlying causes. This will allow the client to finally feel release from the daily grip anxiety can hold.

Jonathan Levy LCSW uses cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to battle anxiety

Over time, therapy for anxiety can help you:

  • Stop the cycle of constant worrying and feel at peace again

  • Manage and break free of panic attacks

  • Get back the desire to participate in everyday activities

  • Learn how to focus and concentrate again

  • Get a peaceful night sleep after weeks or months of restlessness

  • Regain your appetite and learn healthy eating habits

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

To help create positive change to long-standing patterns of behavior and thinking, Jonathan Levy LCSW uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques. All humans have unique personalities, but there is a remarkable tendency to fall into similar distorted ways of thinking about ourselves and the world when depressed or anxious. Rather than writing off a series of unfortunate events as “bad luck,” people often incorrectly adopt the belief “bad things always happen to me.” Many of these “cognitive distortions” cause us to feel worse and interfere with our ability to perform to our potential.

Jonathan Levy LCSW uses cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to battle anxiety

Using CBT, Jonathan Levy LCSW quickly helps clients understand their habitual thinking patterns, identifying those that work well and those that lead to more depression or fear. This is a practical, down-to-earth approach focused largely on helping clients achieve their identified goals.

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About the author: Jonathan Levy LCSW is an experienced Chicago therapist, counselor, and life coach. He is a graduate of The Ohio State University and Smith College. He is the Marketing Coordinator and co-founder of Psychotherapy Associates of Chicago. Jonathan Levy LCSW has tremendous success helping patients and most attribute his success to his warm touch and friendly demeanor.

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