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I get Jonathan Levy LCSW to comment on person-in- environment

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Guest post by Anthony Davian.

In our last couple of blogs we discussed the differences between an LCSW and psychologist, the different variations of social workers, and the person-in-environment framework licensed clinical social workers (LCSWs) use. After I wrote the blog about how licensed clinical social workers like Jonathan Levy LCSW help the community I wondered if I could get him to comment on the framework.

I emailed Jonathan Levy LCSW this morning and true to form, he was very responsive and emailed me back in between therapy sessions. While he did have a lot to say about the framework in general, much of it we had already covered. The quote below from him is really profound.

Jonathan Levy LCSW chicago therapist
It is always best to smile

“The unique perspective that social workers offer is that we consider each person within the context of their environment. In other words, we look at everyone who we meet with as part of a larger group or network that they belong to and are impacted by every day. To simply see the person as an individual entity alone in the world I believe does a disservice to them and is what makes licensed clinical social workers (LCSWs) unique” stated Jonathan Levy LCSW.

The line I found really profound in all of this is how Jonathan Levy LCSW states that simply looking at the individual entity alone in the world does them a disservice. What struck me is a few things. The first is how much respect he had for the individual. It felt like he cared so much that it almost seemed unfair to consider how environmental factors influence one’s behaviors.

Second, after hearing this line from Jonathan Levy LCSW I felt like there should be no other way really. Considering just the individual and not the environment suggests that we live our lives in some sort of vacuum.

Lastly, what I heard in Jonathan’s email is the truth. Human beings are complex. We humans belong to complex systems, social groups, etc. To distill everything into this neat little package is insulting. I feel LCSWs like Jonathan Levy respect me more and understand the complexities of life and take that into account. After all, the old saying goes something along the lines of Life isn’t easy and/or Life isn’t fair.

About the author: Anthony Davian is a former hedge fund manager from Cleveland, Ohio. He used to go by the twitter handle @hedgieguy. After going through hell, he is finally content and happy. It took nearly 40 years to get to that point and he was not smart enough to take the easy road to learning. Instead, he choose to constantly disappoint himself and others and cause much pain, suffering, and sorrow along the way.

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