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Jonathan Levy LCSW - Weight Gain Issues

Updated: May 22, 2019

As an experienced Chicago therapist, Jonathan Levy LCSW meets regularly with people who are concerned about their eating habits and changes in weight. Physical health is a huge part of our overall well-being, so we understand fully why our clients spend so much time worrying about this. Over the holiday season this is especially common – the stress, schedule changes, traveling, and abundance of unhealthy foods create the perfect storm for bad moods and pigging out.

Jonathan Levy LCSW on dealing with holiday weight gain
Jonathan Levy LCSW on dealing with holiday weight gain

It’s not uncommon to put on at least 5 pounds late in the year, especially because eating is socially encouraged over the holidays. It’s a completely acceptable part of celebrating that most families embrace. The problem is that it can leave you feeling sad, out of control, and regretful. Not only do you eat more, but you stay inside more often, exercising and seeing friends less often because it’s so cold.

In the past, Jonathan Levy LVSW has worked with clients on managing their stress over the holidays to avoid terrible moods and irritability, family conflict, and the overeating that inevitably leads to sadness, low self-esteem and the never ending “lose weight” new year’s resolution. John Levy LCSW does this by working with clients to increase the time they take for themselves to exercise, replacing unhealthy habits (like overeating) with healthy ones, planning, reducing family stress, or working on creating realistic expectations.

Another part of feeling better might be working on accepting a little weight gain this time of year instead of fighting it, to relieve some of the guilt and pressure you feel. We don’t encourage starting a new diet or exercise plan over the holidays – don’t set yourself up for failure!

Jonathan Levy LCSW on dealing with holiday weight gain
Jonathan Levy LCSW on dealing with holiday weight gain

While this blog post may seem to have poor timing, many of the above issues relate to summer holidays just as they do winter holidays minus the stuck inside aspect. What makes the summer months more trying is that many of us have not succeeded in losing the winter weight we promised ourselves. That adds another layer of stress, anxiety, guilt, etc. Anytime someone mentions going to the pool or beach your heart rate may speed up due to anxiety, nervousness, and depression. This is not a good feeling and a feeling many of us have to deal with in the warmer months.

There is where having a professional support network like myself can help. If you still need help finding the right therapist or choosing the right therapist after reading the two posts linked to in this sentence, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. As an experienced Chicago therapist I try to be as helpful as possible because I love helping others. Have a great day!

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