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Therapy: Expectations vs. Reality and how Jonathan Levy LCSW makes you comfortable

Marquette University recently reported that a lack of immediate results is one of the leading causes of why people drop therapy. People are impatient and when they don’t see instant results, it leaves them feeling discouraged. This is why I prefer mental health practitioners like Jonathan Levy LCSW that spend the time managing expectations and ensuring that the patient understands that therapy is a process. It is a process that takes times and will take a lot of hard work.

Jonathan Levy LCSW chicago, IL
Jonathan Levy LCSW chicago, IL

Think about when you have started a new diet or workout regime. People often drop the diet or workout when they do not see results quickly and that is often because they set unrealistic goals. It’s even more discouraging if you set your goals higher than what you can realistically achieve. The same goes for therapy. At the initial encounter, it’s crucial to set realistic goals and this is one area where Jonathan Levy LCSW is top notch.

Therapy is effective — and the results tend to last longer than those derived from more instantaneous treatments (e.g., surgery or injections) — but it’s not an overnight process. Do not expect a speedy road to recovery, or you will likely end up feeling disappointed. It’s important to remember your role in your recovery. You need to be patient and consistently adhere to your therapy plan.

Jonathan Levy LCSW chicago, IL
Jonathan Levy LCSW chicago, IL

Jonathan Levy LCSW does a very nice job encouraging you to work at your therapy plan and his sessions are enjoyable. It is easy to start to look forward to sessions with John Levy LCSW. I throughly enjoy talking with John on a consistent basis.

Let’s face it: no matter how big or small it is, an unexpected cost can be a significant deterrent to seeking necessary treatment. According to a recent survey conducted by Bankrate, one in four Americans forego health care because of cost.

About the author: My name is Anthony Davian and I am from Cleveland, Ohio. I was formerly known as the idiot @hedgieguy. I am a recovering hedge fund manager and serial entrepreneur. My passion is working with start ups.

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